Our Story

Our Story

In early 2009 City Centre Booking was established to mainly meet the needs of most business travellers that would struggle to find a luxurious and cost-effective alternative to hotel rooms.

The Directors of the company are ex corporate travellers who realised, during one of their business trips, that hotel rooms were, in most cases, inconvenient if one has to travel regularly. They are impersonal and cannot offer the same level of comfort of a luxury apartment. Often this affected their productivity whilst at work and at times they would not feel motivated to travel just thinking about the whole process of checking in and out of a hotel.

There had to be a way around that issue, a solution that would involve having more space, more freedom, and extras that would not cost a lot to the company. Ideally what we wanted was a home away from home, a place we could look forward to arrive to. We quickly realised that if this was happening to us then, it was certainly happening to millions of people worldwide. So our task began, to develop and sustain a viable option to hotel rooms both for the corporate and the leisure traveller.

In 2009 City Centre Booking was born with the sole intention of providing additional comfort than a hotel and at lower prices. As well as appealing to the corporate traveller we quickly realised that it also affected leisure travellers and tourists all over the world.

When we travel on holiday, the most common option was to stay at a hotel. Being confined to a hotel room does not only mean that the kids have nowhere to play but also, that there was no option but to eat expensive meals from a restaurant.

Along came our idea of offering serviced apartments that give you a new and fresh alternative to hotel rooms. With more space, privacy, and your very own kitchen where you are free to cook your own food altogether living a more cost effective and healthier lifestyle. In addition, we were absolutely amazed at how these apartments were available at prices cheaper than hotels.

At the time however, there were very few companies offering these apartments with the majority being advertised by the landlords themselves. City Centre Booking had to go the extra mile. So, our team decided to bring serviced apartments to the mainstream in a distinct and personalised way.

Therefore, our aim is to be the number one global provider of serviced apartments for leisure or business individuals whilst providing superior support to our customers at all times.

Enjoy your journey with us.

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